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Used Car Guarantee

Before we part with any Porsche, it has to pass at least 100 inspections.

This we promise you.

With Porsche, performance isn't just expressed on the road. The long life and quality of our sports cars also express this. And we will even give you that in writing.

Because when you purchase a used car, you receive a guarantee, on request, characterised by a particularly wide service spectrum. This means you can lean back and relax - should a problem unexpectedly appear.

This we give you.

The Porsche Used Car Guarantee is valid for a period of one year and is valid throughout the world. It goes without saying that if you purchase a Porsche used car, which is less than two years old, your Used Car Guarantee only starts when your New Car Guarantee has expired. And, provided that the vehicle still fulfils the conditions of the guarantee, it can even be extended for a further year eight weeks before it expires.

Before sale, every used vehicle is carefully inspected on the basis of a list of over 100 criteria. On compliance with all points, the vehicle is issued with the Porsche Used Car Guarantee.

Any reconditioning of the vehicles is carried out in accordance with Porsche standards. And stands for the high level of quality which we give your vehicle to take with it.

Further advantages of your Used Car Guarantee: the number of km travelled during the guarantee validity period is not limited. And in case of damage, we take over all the labour and material costs up to the vehicle's current value without customer excess - a service, for which you don't have to pay anything up front.

This we expect.

The guarantee applies to all Porsche with less than 200,000 km or 125,000 miles on the clock, whose first registration was at least one year but not more than nine years ago. The vehicle must be inspected in accordance with the criteria on the checklist and all problems must be rectified.

We assume that any servicing has been carried out and documented in accordance with the "Guarantee & Maintenance" brochure.

This we guarantee you.

The Porsche Used Car Guarantee comprises the functionality of the following elements and components:
  • Engine (incl. radiator, heating / heat exchanger, vaporiser) without exhaust system
  • Manual / automatic transmission (incl. clutch release bearing, clutch fork) without clutch
  • Axle drive (incl. transaxle and drive shaft)
  • Steering gear (incl. power steering and hose)
  • All pumps
  • Main brake cylinder, brake boost, pressure tank
  • ABS
  • All electric motors
  • All electronic control units
  • Air conditioning (without cooling gas loss)
  • Heated rear window (no fracture damage)
  • Horn
  • Combined instrument
  • Switches (malfunctions only)

This we leave to you.

The Porsche Used Car Guarantee covers an extensive range of costs and repairs in the event of a problem arising.

The warranty does not apply for:

  • Maintenance/care which is not connected with damage covered by the guarantee
  • Wear and tear
  • Repair work necessitated by improper handling or excessive stress
  • Vehicles which have been modified in a manner not approved by the manufacturer
  • Vehicles which have not been cared for in accordance with the conditions laid down in the booklet "Guarantee & Maintenance"
  • Vehicles, on which customer service actions have not been carried out